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Hands and Feet Get Royal Treatment with Professional Nail Services

There’s nothing more elegant than a beautiful manicure and nothing sexier than a professional pedicure. Many consider these services an occasional treat while others consider them an absolute necessity to complete their signature look. Get Ready Rooms caters to both types of clients, so whether you’re showing off a new engagement ring, getting those tootsies ready for sandal weather, or just spiffing up the last polish job, we’ll get your hands and feet looking gorgeous!


Choose from our professional manicure services to achieve the look that fits your lifestyle. You’ll leave Get Ready Rooms with hands that are ready for whatever you’re doing next.


Professional Pedicures

Our pedicure services are the best way to decompress after a long day. Each service includes exfoliation of the heels and relieves pressure in your legs and feet. The various pedicures are the ultimate relaxation time. As you sit comfortably in our plush chair, we will work on smoothing out your heels all the way to a light leg and foot massage.  Our pedicure options include:


Signature pedicure

Our Signature pedicure includes lacquer removal, nail filing, shaping, buffing + cuticle maintenance.  A tea tree and pumice mousse are applied to exfoliate the skin before your heels are filed and smoothed. A light leg + foot massage will leave your legs and feet relieved. We will wrap up the service with perfectly polished toes.

Signature Gel pedicure

Our Signature Gel Pedicure includes a premium gel polish to create a longer-lasting service. Treatment comes with nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, and a pumice leg scrub, followed by a leg and foot massage to relieve any pressure in those areas. The gel polish dries in minutes, and you don’t have to worry about a long drying process or chipping your polish on the way out.

Express pedicure

Our Express Pedicure is perfect for touch-ups in-between our signature services or a quick refresh due to timing. The service includes quick lacquer removal, nail filing, shaping + buffing, and cuticle maintenance before filing and smoothening your heels. The Express Pedicure wraps up with your selection of a premium nail lacquer and perfect polish application to your toes.


  • Balance
  • Full Set
  • Whitening Balance
  • Whitening Full Set
  • Nail Removal/Manicure


We also offer a variety of add-on features. These services can be added to any of our other manicure and pedicure services

  • Nail Repair
  • Extended Hands or Feet Massage 
  • Extended Hands or Feet Massage  with CBD products
  • Paraffin for Hands & Feet
  • Detoxifying Leg Masque
  • Callus Reducer Treatment